Annabel Simms

Annabel Simms

Where can you…

…go walking, boating and dancing by the river
…explore old towns and country footpaths
…eat in family-run restaurants with 1950s decor and prices to match
…discover half-hidden châteaux and artists’ country houses…

without running into hordes of other visitors

- yet still be within an hour of Paris?

An Hour From Paris, an insider’s guide to 20 little-known and rewarding daytrips within an hour of Paris by train, will tell you all this, and much, much more.

Bill Bryson

Ground-breaking work
Sunday Times

Reveals the many pleasures that lie beyond the city limits
Chicago Tribune

Annabel Simms’ idiosyncratic and witty guide
Financial Times

The most exciting travel guide I’ve read in years

This pocket-sized book includes helpful practical tips and the essential historical context for each visit, as well as specially-drawn local maps and original photos.
Its author Annabel Simms is an English resident of Paris, with 20 years’ experience of exploring the Paris countryside by train and on foot.


To reach the island restaurant La Goèlette, continue along the river as far as the Rue de Trelan. There is a little jetty with an electric bell to the right, which you press to summon the small speedboat opposite. You are whisked across to the restaurant, which used to be an inn and has scarcely changed its appearance since the 1950s. There is a little riverside garden in which you can eat outside in the summer (where I saw a red squirrel) and the tiled floor, lace curtains framing the river and the old-fashioned oak furniture make a cosy retreat inside. (p. 70)

If you have not had the time to buy or to validate your ticket, it is in your interest to show your bonne foi (good faith) by approaching the inspector or guard as soon as possible after getting on the train. You are then unlikely to be fined. (p.23)


The travel bible for daytrips from Paris
M. Herb, USA

I want to tell you I read it from cover to cover and loved it
J. McNaught, UK

Your book sounded too good to be true but far surpassed my expectations
R. Jones, USA

I feel this is one of the most rewarding guidebooks I have ever read
Zoecat, USA

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