Updates to Half An Hour From Paris

Parc de Bagatelle, p. 121
The ‘Pont de Neuilly’ bus stop for the 43 and 93 has moved to the other side of the main road.
Revised text:
Take ‘Sortie Avenue de Madrid’ from the Pont de Neuilly métro. The Avenue de Madrid is opposite the fountain in the middle of the road, with the Crédit Lyonnais bank on the corner. The Pont de Neuilly’ bus stop for the 43 to Neuilly Bagatelle and the 93 to Suresnes is a few steps after the bank, on the same side of the road. Take either bus and get off four stops later at ‘Place de Bagatelle’.
The Casino supermarket on the other side of the road when you get off the bus is now a Franprix.

Marly le Roi, p. 142
Revised text:
Continue for some way until you come to the third turning on the left, Rue de la Grande Fontaine, and follow it to the right through the tunnel under the railway line.
pp. 142-143 Chemin de la Machine
A reader reports that access to the D113 at the end of this footpath was blocked in October 2019 because of roadworks. He managed to squeeze through the gates at the bottom of the hill and says there was no warning sign about this at the start of the path.  So far I haven’t been able to get information from the local Mairie about the roadworks and how long they will last, and will post this as soon as I know.
p. 147, Restaurants
Le Village Grec has moved and is now in Marly le Roi near the church at 1bis, rue Guillaume Coustou, 78160 Marly le Roi, tel 01 39 69 04 32 (updated by a reader).
‘La Pause Café’ at Louveciennes station offers plats du jour on weekdays (updated by a reader).

Types of ticket, Carte Mobilis, p. 153
Revised text:
Another option is to buy the Carte Mobilis, a one-day ticket allowing unlimited travel on all forms of public transport in the selected zones, except Orlyval. No photograph is needed and you can buy the ticket in advance. You validate it by writing your name and the date on which you travel on the ticket.