Updates to An Hour From Paris, 2017 edition

p. 59 The Musée Jean-Jacques Rousseau is now closed on Sundays, November-March.

La Ferté-Milon
p. 115 The restaurant Les Ruines is now closed on Wednesdays. Open 12-2 pm  for lunch on Sundays and for lunch and dinner the rest of the week.

pp. 167 and 179 The café Au Bon Coin has closed down.
p. 170 The Musée du Jouet is closed for renovation until 11 May 2019.
p. 171  Piscine de Migneaux
I can highly recommend this Olympic-sized outdoor pool, which is worth the journey from Paris for the pleasure of being able to sunbathe for hours on the grass without stepping on your neighbours. There are no waterslides but there is a little buvette selling crêpes, frites, sandwiches, cold drinks, tea and coffee.
p. 173  Walk to Villennes
The riverside walk through the boatyard now passes a café-restaurant, which opened in 2017, La Guinguette de Villennes, 350 Chemin des Pêcheurs, 78670 Villennes sur Seine, tel 09 80 89 72 96, open from Wednesday to Sunday from midday to around 10 pm in summer. You can sit in deckchairs by the water’s edge, just sipping a drink or eat at tables on the terrace overlooking the river. Main dishes, snacks and drinks are at Paris prices but the relaxed old-fashioned ambience and the idyllic setting are well worth it.

La Guinguette de Villennes - Updates to An Hour From Paris 2017
La Guinguette de Villennes

The gate leading to Le Chemin de la Nourrée, the private road at the end of the boatyard which follows the river, is now a barrier to pedestrians, as access via a scramble up the railway embankment has been blocked. Instead, follow the small uphill road under the railway line and take the first turning on the right, the quiet residential Rue des Iselles. It eventually joins the main road into Villennes, the Avenue Georges Clemenceau. Continue into Villennes, where you will find the station on your right, just past the church.
p. 174  Access to the Ile de Villennes is barred by another gate at the end of the bridge. But tapping the code 0000 will open it. It is worth it for the rewarding view of the Seine a few steps further on.
Zola’s house at Médan is closed to the public until the end of 2019 while it is being renovated.

pp. 195 and 204 The café-restaurant L’ Auberge du Parc has closed down.

The islands of Créteil
p. 219 It is now possible to reach the RER station at St Maur-Créteil by a largely traffic-free 1 km walk without taking the steps up to the Pont de Créteil. The tramp encampment at the tip of the Ile de Brise Pain has been replaced by a tiny park and neat allotments. Revised text, replacing second and third paragraphs:

Take the Chemin de Halage (towpath) to the right, past allotments on your left and weeping willows, swans, ducks and fishermen on your left. Towards the end of this path, just before the steps leading up to the bridge, turn right to follow a new road which passes under the bridge and continues straight on as a footpath. Continue to the tip of the Ile de Brise Pain and follow the path right round, past a tiny park and allotments on your left until you reach a path on your right, leading past a weir to a little footbridge onto a main road.

St Germain-en-Laye
pp. 231, 234-237 The Musée Maurice Denis is closed for renovation until autumn 2019.

p. 246  Types of ticket, Carte Mobilis
Revised text:
Another option is to buy the Carte Mobilis, a one-day ticket allowing unlimited travel on all forms of public transport in the selected zones, except Orlyval. No photograph is needed and you can buy the ticket in advance. You validate it by writing your name and the date on which you travel on the ticket.