Updates to An Hour From Paris, 2019 edition

The islands of Créteil
p. 219 It is now possible to reach the RER station at St Maur-Créteil by a largely traffic-free 1 km walk without taking the steps up to the Pont de Créteil. The tramp encampment at the tip of the Ile de Brise Pain has been replaced by a tiny park and neat allotments. Revised text, replacing second and third paragraphs:
Take the Chemin de Halage (towpath) to the right, past allotments on your left and weeping willows, swans, ducks and fishermen on your left. Towards the end of this path, just before the steps leading up to the bridge, turn right to follow a new road which passes under the bridge and continues straight on as a footpath. Continue to the tip of the Ile de Brise Pain and follow the path right round, past a tiny park and allotments on your left until you reach a path on your right, leading past a weir to a little footbridge onto a main road.

pp. 224-225,  Champs sur Marne
The footpath along the river near the Menier buildings now has a temporary fence beside it, following flooding in 2017. It has gaps allowing access to the main park but access from the Chemin de la Rivière to the riverside footpath is now barred. However, I found it quite easy to climb over the footbridge leading to the Cathédrale on the island and jump down on the other side.